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Expert Entrepreneur

expert entrepreneurThe year has come with the great financial crises. Overall the entire economic scenario is not at all favorable to any channel of the business. Even if we see the manufacturer and the giant companies are more intending to job cutting as they are in the search of cutting production cost. The wholesalers are also the ones who are highly depressed by the channel. The bulk purchasing of the products are the main drawback of them. The sale scenario is not great which leads to the situation where the goods are turning in to the buffer stock. They are losing the huge investments done by them. Then is the turn of the channel of retailers. The most recession affected channel as people have lost their purchasing power to great amount and now they are actually searching for the individual buyer and still not able to manage the minimum of their business. So, the entire system is worse affected by the slow down.

Now, I’ve heard so many people saying to others that this is actually the perfect time to enter in the business. Self owned business has got many benefits. The more mouth you hear, the more views you’ll get. But the most important factor is that really   worth of getting in to the new business in the slow down? Well, if you ask me, surely I would say that if you have no problem with the salaried base jobs, you should be the part of the same. As long as you are getting some fixed amount in your hand, you are the King even in this diverse market.

Even though if you are interested in starting a new business or are already log in a business, just have a feel of some of the tips from our side which may help you in the long term.

Here are some of them:


There is no alternative of discipline. Discipline with in the range of people of office is the best solution for the success. The experts are of the opinion that if you have no creativity, you can’t make progress in the business. But, the real situation is that if you have no discipline, you can’t sustain your business even if you are not creative.

Creativity may be powerful factor but continuity is the most affecting factor even the creative person. Business is a continuous process. Continuous process is handled by the disciplines more than the creativity.

If you are a Boss and you are not following the rules drawn by you, you are setting a bad example for the followers and also you are making your company heading towards the debt. So, be disciplined and make the discipline as a formula of winning the situation.

Bare the risks

If you are eating Four Nan’s a day, and suddenly you start eating Eight, it is a danger you are taking. But, if you start eating six a day with some proper digestive tablets, you are baring the risk which is required. So, first of all learn the thin line between Risk and Danger. It is definitely better to take risks, but not the certain danger.

The slow and passive dealers can never make the dynamic change, also the danger and over actives can not make the progress, but the entrepreneur with the bearable risks and calculative challenges can definitely make the progress quite better. So, in order to be the perfect businessman, start learning your abilities and also the resources which you already possess. Your resource knowing will make you confident about the risks.

There should be a comfort zone beside the risks taken. Risks are must to have in the business, especially in the Recessional time; there should be the risks which are important.

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2 Responses to “Expert Entrepreneur”


  1. These five quality must be needed in a businessman. These are also sign of a good man. all of these are required but according to my point of view the last one is most necessary.

  2. dandan45 says:

    Actually, I agree that discipline is critical in starting a new business. Yes, you must be able to take risks, but you must be disciplined in evaluating your business environment, capital, customers and competition to ensure you have a good business plan in place.
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