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Famous entrepreneurs and the legacy they left behind

We know a lot about famous entrepreneurs who earned their wealth by virtue of winning the gene pool lottery, but there are also those that have earned their wealth the hard way and made billions of dollars and earned more fame than many people see in a single lifetime. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, moguls, tycoons, chaebols; call them whatever you will, these famous entrepreneurs built up their empire from scratch and they are the envy of their peers for what they have achieved. Where there is great risk, there is great potential for great reward, and these entrepreneurs have most certainly tasted the rewards of their efforts.

The likes of Sam Walton, for example, earned his wealth and built an empire by himself which his family now runs. The same can be true in several other cases, in that some entrepreneurs arenā€™t born great; they simply have greatness thrust upon them. It is their business know-how willingness to conquer all challenges that comes their way that has seen them prevail and go down in history as legendary. Their wealth, their success and their financial vision can act as an inspiration for everyone. There are doubtlessly valuable lessons to be learnt in their ways.

If you look at Gates or Jobs or Rockefeller, they have all faced their trials and tribulations and come out the other side stronger for being tested. It was in fact Michael Jordan who said that every failure of his taught him something that ended with his story being one of great success. And every great story is one of failure and dealing with it. Adversity is something that affects all of us. It is how we deal with it that truly defines us. There is nothing radically different in the way that famous entrepreneurs look at the world. They are much like us, but different in that they took the chances that came their way and made the most of it.

Everyone has their own weaknesses and foibles, but they also have their own strengths as well. And these entrepreneurs have made the most of their situation by making the most of their strengths. It is as much their businesses as their character that ended up defining them. It is the spirit of the entrepreneur that has driven them on to great heights and in the case of some of them founded dynasties of power and wealth that lasts generations. There can be no greater endorsement of their success than that.

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