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Do You Have the Indestructible Thought of Making Money?

We all know who Warren Buffett is, and that he is one of the richest people on our planet. However, he did not become rich. It started with one thought:

‘I always knew I was going to be rich.
I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute’

He always knew he would become rich, even when he did not have money to meet monthly expenses. And he became rich, simply because he believed it very strongly.

Unwavering Belief

Everyone leads a normal life, by working few hours a day, enjoying their weekends, and hating their lives. However, guide to making moneyfew have ‘crazy’ ideas in mind which they believe in. They strive it happen; challenge themselves and other; take the road less traveled, and follow through till the end.

This system works similar to a car. If you don’t have gas in your car, it wouldn’t move at all, let alone right direction. Similarly, if you have a crazy thought in mind that you believe would work, it requires indestructible, unwavering belief to sustain with the idea.

Do You Have Any Unwavering Thought in Your Mind?

Do you have something in your mind with guarantee it will happen in future? Are you sure you will meet your financial targets? Are you sure you will lose ‘x’ pounds by the end of this year? Are you willing to anything to achieve your goal, even if it means taking to one way ticket that can change your life forever?

Most of the obstacles we face are simply because they are in our minds. Things are as it is. They don’t change. They become obstacles simply because we think they are obstacles.

Once you have this indestructible belief in your mind, you will face every obstacle to achieve your goals.

How Do You Have This unwavering belief in your mind?

This is not hard at all. You simply have to affirm every day you are smart enough, and worthy of becoming rich. You cannot make yourself believe by reading this post or by reading any other post, but by setting a goal, affirming and re-affirming in your mind every day, and taking steps to reach closer to your goal each day. And, trust me on this, each successful step will make your belief even stronger.

We All Are Same

Yes, we all are same. However, the one who will have indestructible belief in his mind is the one who will win. There are innumerable opportunities lying around here. The world wants someone who believes in his dream and grabs those opportunities. Warren Buffett did exactly the same.

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