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Party Ideas For Frugal Times

Partying, though usually considered synonymous with extravagance, need not necessarily be an event that burns a hole in your pocket. Another myth that many of us have to remove from our minds is that economical partying is devoid of all fun. It is not so. Partying can be great fun even at modest expenditure. A party is more about innovative ideas rather than spending. So exercise your grey cells and get set for a great party at low cost. Here are some ideas that might help you to have a wonderful New Year bash on a budget:

  • Want to go out for a movie? Just wait! I have a better idea! Why don’t you bring in the movie DVD and call in your gang? Your home is a better venue in comparison to the movie theatre when with friends. You don’t have to sit glued to a chair for two hours! Just make yourself comfortable on the couch and watch your favorite movies. You’ll be saving up on expensive ticket costs too.
  • Cooking the party menu all on own? Well, conventionally that may be so. But how about pooling in the food? It will save you a lot of money, time and effort. If you friends volunteer to bring items to the party don’t refuse.frugal party idea Don’t look too greedy either! Offer to host the party all by yourself but if your friends insist on contributing don’t refuse. Apart from saving you money and resources, your guests will get to taste variety and appreciate each other. As an activity, a fun cookery contest will be a nice idea. Pool in money for some gifts and give to the winners. Announce the contest a week before the party so that your guests get ample time to prepare for it. Your friends can also be requested to exchange food between them and take back home any of the food that is left.
  • Gifts are a major attraction of any fun party. But at the same time, they are the items that we spend on the most during any party. Instead of the host of the party getting gifts for a dozen guests all on her own, which can be a costly proposition; people can pool in to buy gifts. This by itself can be an activity. The gang chooses names of people and decides what to gift each person. It then collectively buys for that person. In this way, every person gets a gift and every person contributes to buying the gift, therefore sharing the monetary burden.
  • Making own gifts is an economical proposition. Gifts bought from stores can be really expensive. Instead, try to make some gifts at home. For women, you need not go and buy ornaments from branded jewelry shops. Buy some beads or other jewelry material and make some fancy fashionable items. Beautiful decorative pieces can be made using wood and leaves and inexpensive material. Your creativity is the only limiting factor.
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11 Responses to “Party Ideas For Frugal Times”


  1. Jacob says:

    Simply fanatstic way of saving money and having a ball!! i DO it the same way with my group of friends and which helps me a lot to save!

  2. Thiery says:

    Very productive summary which helps in saving a lot of money.

  3. Zinadane says:

    What a classic way to party! home food, chip in liquor, no gifts! Only enjoy being with friends and family! Hurray!

  4. Nicholson says:

    I must say that everyone should follow according to this article. It’s a very good way to make your money worth.

  5. Jewel says:

    This will be a great step taken by any person. It will save a lot so wastage and left over when everyone will get together.

  6. Teddy says:

    I do agree with the above article but sometimes throwing a party for some occasion gives you a totally different feeling! specially whn its ur most imp or special day!

  7. Teddy says:

    Its gonna be very handful to a partyholic who just spends heaps of money only in parties!

  8. Harris says:

    I don’t find cooking at home be a good idea when you have a lot of people coming over! Ordering food and specially pizzas are the best to keep everything tidy!

  9. Harris says:

    I must say its a very good plan but there are circumstances where people are not allowed to party at home. In this case what can be the solution?

  10. Instead of hosting a full-blown party, invite friends for a dessert party. If you know someone with a chocolate fountain, borrow it. Or get ice-cream and a variety of toppings and let people make their own sundaes.

  11. vareeja says:

    Wow what an innovative way to host a party suggested by Meryl van der Merwe ! I really like it ! Nice post!

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